The Buzz: Beyonce NY 'Life is but a dream' Premiere Party

I received the footage for this job directly from the event. Due to the tight deadline, I stayed the night at Ultrabland to ingest, encode, and organize, all before the morning edit session.

2013 Tribeca Film Festival Pre-Show Teaser

Ingested and organized the footage for this project at Juniper Jones. I also pulled selects and music, and assembled a rough cut. 

Ultrabland | Zorba

In addition to my normal AE tasks, I helped plan & shoot this one. Oh, and those are my hands.  

WEtv Promos

Ingested and organized the footage for these two projects at Juniper Jones.

Cinemax Yearender 2012

The yearenders for Cinemax were my favorite jobs to work on. Basically, it was a lot of select pulling and making sure footage made it to the graphics guys and then back into the edit. 

HBO GO Tutorial

One version for each of the cable providers and I set up and delivered them all. It was a great exercise in paying close attention to the smallest of details!

"Question Everything" Promo 2012 (Science Channel)

One of my favorites. Hours of screening, researching, and encoding went into the making of this, and I was so proud watching its premiere on the Science channel.

Nat Geo Wild Cuteness

My first job! I remember calling my mom after my first week at Ultrabland, and telling her how my days consisted of searching for photos of cute animals. A good portion of the ones that made it in were mine. :)

Banshee: First Official Trailer for Banshee on Cinemax

A lot of screening, encoding, and quick deliveries were involved in this one. The editor, Victor Masnyj, did a fantastic job on it. 

24/7 Flyers/Rangers: Road to the NHL Winter Classic Trailer

This beautiful promo (by Victor Masnyj) took days of RED file encoding and media organization. But it helped me establish a good system for handling this type of job.

HBO GO/MAXGO: Now with AirPlay

I screened a great deal of footage to find the right moment for this spot and its HBO version (Girls). I was also responsible for laying off to tape and delivering.

HBO Boxing: Cornered - Michael Buffer

LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!  I received so many types of files for this project; there was no format I hadn't come across. Seriously, one day there was a VHS tape on my desk that was older than me! But I got it all ingested and organized, and helped my editor locate the most obscure bits of footage. Also handled the lay offs and deliveries.

George Lopez: It's Not Me, It's You - "It's Live" Tease #1

Was with good ol' George from start to finish. There were several alternative versions that I had to keep track of and deliver, which was challenging. But I received the thumbs-up each time with HBO's QC.

HBO GO: Twitter Critics Spot

Can you tell which voice-over is mine?

24/7 Flyers/Rangers: Road to the NHL Winter Classic - Snow Globe Tease

Sometimes when a smaller job was brought to the producers at Ultrabland, I would directly assist the client and cut the promo myself. This short ad for HBO was one of them.